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Here at the Kiltimagh Pet Farm we are working hard to make your visit a fun day out for all the family. We have probably the largest range of exotic animals on any pet farm in Ireland at Kiltimagh Pet Farm!

We have a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals for you to come and meet. Our farm is nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland boasting beautiful scenery, friendly people and comfortable surroundings.

And if that isn't enough we also have an adventure playground with climbing frames, swings and lots more fun.

How Does Wintertime Affect Our Pets?
Pets can suffer in wintertime because they can't regulate their body temperatures as well as humans can. Most pets have coats of hair that keep them warm, but when the temperature outside is too cold for us, it's also too cold for them.

Pets can get very sick in the wintertime from exposure to cold weather. They can develop frostbite on their ears, feet, and tails, and they can become dehydrated from licking their fur excessively to stay warm. Pets should always have a warm place to sleep indoors during the winter, and you should never leave your pet outside in bad weather.

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Kiltimagh Pet Farm, Develeash (road sign L59023) Kiltimagh, Co.Mayo, Ireland
phone 087 7618 630 •


We still have all types of poultry for sale at great prices! New stock arriving every week.

Open 10am to 6pm seven days a week
Admission Price: €8 per person

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